Releasing their first pocket watch for the holiday season in 1924, the Citizen Watch Company has been blending supreme innovation with exceptional quality since nearly the beginning of the twentieth century! Since their inception, Citizen has created some of the most top notch men’s wrist and pocket watches anywhere.

Citizen men’s watches are some of the best selling men’s watches in the world.

Boasting quite a few records for innovations in watch design, creation and function. Citizen released the world’s first analog quartz watch that utilized sunlight as an energy source in 1976!

They also devised the world’s first multi-zone radio controlled watch, the first radio-controlled watch that bears a solid metal casing with a built in antenna, the first “Eco-Drive” radio controlled watch, the first radio controlled watch with a date disc, and the first watch to receive standard time radio waves from Japan, the United Stated and Europe in 2007, adding China to that list in 2008.

Citizen watches also created the world’s first watch that allows you to select your city, which is perfect for those who frequently change time zones. Quite international!

They have also designed and created a number of the world’s thinnest watches like the “Stiletto” along with multiple variations of the world’s thinnest watch models for both the Eco-Drive and Radio-controlled watch models. Citizen is also responsible for a number of world firsts starting in 1967 with the first transistorized electronic quartz clock (The Crystron) to 2011’s world first, the first ever global radio-controlled ladies analog watch called the “Exceed”. There are also models that boast being the world’s smallest in radio controlled watch movement and smallest Eco-Drive technology while another model is the most pressure resistant watch available and it can work perfectly up to 1,300 meters!

With all these innovations it’s no wonder Citizen has remained on top of the watch designing and manufacturing market from the very beginning.

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