Nothing short of art is created by the Stührling watch company and every piece is not only a sliver of handcrafted perfection, but exudes a kind of timeless beauty and an unwavering elegance that are unmatched these days.

Adhering closely to old world, master craftsman disciplines when designing and creating their watches each watch they make hearkens back to a time when a watch was a true masterpiece, taking days, months or more just to complete a single timepiece. Because of this, the watches of that bygone era could only be purchased by the wealthy or elite.

Now that the world operates in a different manner and even the most high-quality, hard to make components can be produced and installed in a fraction of the time, Stührling has been able to make the old world superiority and aesthetic available to everyone.

Bringing back a forgotten fondness for the skeleton watch Stührling has designed completely from scratch some of the most precise and stunning skeletal timepieces that has graced the world.

With the company’s origins dating back to the 1800’s with its first official store in the United States opened its’ doors in 1999, there’s a wealth of history and influence going on behind the scenes. Often a piece will begin with a unique or interesting idea that becomes a hand drawn design that is then input into a computer.

That computer then renders a real world, 3D model of that design where all flaws can be discovered and weeded out before the watch actually makes it to the production floor. Every timepiece is as impeccably created as its appearance is the sweetest candy to the eye.

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