Beginning in 1989 on the shores of the Skagen, Denmark beaches where the North and Baltic Seas greet each other the Skagen Company now graces the lands of 80 different countries throughout the world, bringing their signature simplicity to all corners of the Earth. Known for producing high quality watches from day one, Skagen also works tirelessly to ensure that the materials they use and techniques they employ in manufacturing leave the smallest footprint on our planet as possible. This means that they are always in the lookout for newer, more sustainable practices, passing that on to their varying branches all over the world.

Skagen is consistently updating their products, practices and technologies to lighten our negative impact on the planet as a species. For as Skagen states, “We owe every penny of our business to the earth we occupy.” That’s a uniquely realistic and honest statement from a company as sizable and influential as Skagen is within their niche.

When most of the world seems out for only them, it’s incredibly refreshing to see that just because you’ve reached great heights does not mean you have to look down your nose at the world.

Few companies or organizations of Skagen’s size or ilk can boast the same manner of transparency or willingness to put forth effort, research and money into bettering or helping to protect the planet. Add to those ethics a genuine desire for coupling simplistic beauty with perfect function and you’ve landed squarely in Skagen watch territory. And that’s a most delightful and guiltless place to be.


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